What we do……

is sell unpackaged food, personal care items, household cleaning products and lots more. This enables you to do a big chunk of your weekly shop, without also buying lots of excess packaging. Our fruit, veg and bread are local and delivered regularly. The dried foods are delivered to us in bulk and you put them in to your own containers from gravity fed dispensers and scoop bins. The liquids are in stainless steel fustis with taps. You can buy containers and other helpful household items in the shop too.

We sell high quality products that are ethical, fairly traded and have as little impact as possible on the environment. This means organic, local where possible and, of course, minimal packaging. It is impossible not to use any packaging when transporting things, but the aim is to reduce and reuse where we can and recycle where reuse isn’t possible.

There is now much more awareness of the damage that plastic is doing to the environment, but it is still difficult to buy things without plastic packaging. Even if a product isn’t wrapped in plastic, there is still often unnecessary packaging of some kind and ordering things online, no matter how great the product, produces more packaging and carbon emissions. I have found it very hard to buy unpackaged organic food locally and impossible to buy unpackaged cleaning and personal care products locally. This shop will solve that problem for me and hopefully lots of other people.

Burning questions? Try the FAQ or better still, come and visit and have a good nose around!


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A bit about me…

For a long time I have believed in an organic and natural lifestyle, trying to shop locally with ethics and the environment in mind. When I came across Earth.Food.Love’s website 18 months ago, I was immediately captivated by the idea of a shop with no packaging and wanted to start a version of this fantastic enterprise in my home town. I’m incredibly excited about opening Packaging Not Included and hope to see you soon.