Make your own natural cleaning products

We encounter a lot of toxins on a daily basis and often our cleaning products are adding to the long list of chemicals entering our homes and bodies. Making your own natural cleaning products is one way to avoid nasty chemicals and can save you money too.

We had a fantastic workshop with Margo George where she shared her vast knowledge on the power of essential oils and other natural ingredients, as well as showing us how to make a number of really simple, but incredibly effective cleaners.

I wanted to share one of Margo’s cleaning recipes that I have found to work on the toilet, shower tray and sinks.

Soft Scrub for Bath, Tile, and Toilet

Make in small batches and store in an airtight container. This is enough for two to four applications. This soft scrub is excellent for getting rid of soap scum, removing stains, and brightening your tile and toilet. To use, just apply and let it sit for 5–10 minutes and then scrub. Once done scrubbing, take a wet cloth and wipe clean.


125g bicarbonate of soda

60g unscented liquid castile soap

1 tablespoon water

1 tablespoon vinegar

5–10 drops Lemon oil

 Note: This scrub is also great to use to help clean your kitchen sink, refrigerator, or tile floors.



1. In bowl, combine bicarb and castile soap.

2. Add water and stir.

3. Add vinegar and essential oil. The consistency should be a soft paste.

4. Store in airtight container.

5. Use to scrub toilet, sink, shower, fridge, floor….

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